Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tip Top Sardine Puff @ Changi Airport Terminal 1 [Singapore]

Put a curry puff and sardine puff in front of me to choose and i am more likely to go with the latter. Hence, it's a no brainer for me when i needed a snack before my inaugural flight to Bali

Look at that generous amount of filling! It was indeed unforgettable; crumbly pastry with onions and sardine that were literally soaked in the spicy sauce that kicked a piquant punch at my taste buds.

With outside still raining cats and dogs, it was so shiok to be in a sheltered arena that allowed me to dig into a warm sardine puff and have a nice, hot cup of kopi-gao. *relaxed*


80 Airport Boulevard, 
Singapore Changi Airport Departure Transit Lounge West, 
Terminal 1, #08-K09,
Singapore 819642


Sardine Puff - S$1.70
Kopi - S$1.60

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