Friday, July 07, 2017

Nasi Goreng Special (Fried Rice) & Sayap Ayam Bakar (BBQ Chicken Wings) from Seafood Pantai Kuta @ Kuta Sea Side Food Court in Bali [Indonesia]

Time was almost 11.00pm but a few in our entourage needed a food boost after a relatively early dinner on the plane; hence, the search for a place to have supper on our first night in Bali! 

The driver who sent us to our hotel mentioned a food court establishment along Kuta Beach and we managed to find it in no time! It was relatively quiet although we kind of expected it since most shops close at 10.00pm and many people would have proceeded to the clubs and watering hours.

True to the driver's words, the operation was indeed food court like and there were a number of stalls for selection. However, they sold almost the same kind of food; mainly seafood and prices were mostly exorbitant!   

Most of us were too tired to seek alternatives and we decided to just sit and order something to fill up our tummies. We were mindful not to order seafood as that's usually the main killer for our wallet and after a short consideration, Alex and I cast our votes for Seafood Pantai Kuta.

Coconut Juice
This wasn't that expensive at about S$3.50 but the taste didn't appeal to us; it wasn't served chilled, the coconut meat was tough and it wasn't sweet. Guess we were too pampered with Thai young coconuts! 

Nasi Goreng Special
I wondered if the word special meant anything as the plate of fried rice special didn't appear different from the normal fried rice that other friends had; albeit from other stalls. Worse of all, it was just plain plate of fried rice without any wok-hei and I confidently declared to Alex that I might be able to fry a better one! 

Sayap Ayam Bakar
From my Bandung trip, I know ayam bakar means grilled / bbq chicken and I was stuck with the word sayap. Does it mean honeyed? No, it means wings. =_=

Though grilled to a charr-ness that would not be considered as excessive, I did feel that the price of almost S$7.00 was too much for 4 limb-looking chicken wings and the food court wasn't even air-conditioned.

Taste wise - I can only say I have a better liking for the skin that seemed to have been spread with a thin layer of honey. The meat wasn't fantastic and it didn't feel good to see the dark bones underneath once the meat was torn off; as my mom would have said, frozen chicken not properly thawed would not taste as good. 

Well, it didn't stop me to clean up everything. My national service stint has taught me well; never waste food. Unless they taste literally like shit. 


Along Pantai Kuta,
Bali, Indonesia

As above.

Coconut Juice - 30,000 Rupiah
Nasi Goreng Special - 55,000 Rupiah
Sayap Ayam Bakar - 65,000 Rupiah

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