Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Millipede - Inside the Office This Time

While talking to me about some work matters, I can see my colleague's eyes veering towards the carpeted floor and asked: "What's that crawling on the floor"?

As the office i am seated at does face a significant number of visitors, i immediately picked up the "thing" and put it on the table. Failure to do so might result in death (for the thing) and a mess to clear (for the office).

It's another millipede although the last time i found one at my workplace, it was outside the office. And you know what, i clean forgot about the last encounter and wonder if it's the same one. Well, there's no way for me since they all look the same.

I have no interest to keep it as a pet; not at the risk of my fellow colleagues ostracizing me! Furthermore, i am not even sure what does the millipede eat in order to survive! A humane plan was required.

Releasing it at the nearby planter! Obviously i didn't remember my cautionary message put up in my post here. On a secondary thought, i should have marked the millipede so that i can recognise it if it drops by the office again to

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