Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Kuta Beach - The Crowded Beach That's Not For The Weak Swimmers @ Bali [Indonesia]

Mention Bali and those who have been there would most likely think of Kuta Beach, which attracts so many visitors to the island in the beginning; it has become an ultra commercial place for tourists with poorly planned roads! 

I don't even understand the reason for the construction of a wall that effectively separates the beach from the main area. It's built in the traditional Balinese style but as a tourist, i would prefer to see the beach and feel the sea breeze while walking along the long concrete walkway bordering the beach. 

As the Grand Istana Rama Hotel was directly across, it's really convenient for us to visit and i did so on three days at different timings; morning, late afternoon and at night.

Morning on the second day of my Bali trip - with white, cottony clouds randomly dotting the blue sky, this was the best weather in the 4 days i was there.

It wasn't very crowded even though i still find it insane as it was barely 9.00 am and if i have the chance, i would prefer to sleep in till only about 10.00 am, leisurely have breakfast and then maybe pop by the beach at about 11.30 am. 

Some were just blankly staring at the sea; okay, I am aware that people have different preferences and personally, i just couldn't see myself sitting still while it's way more fun to explore all over the place. Oh well, to each his/her own. 

Even though you can play with the sand and build ugly sandcastles, I am hesitant when it comes to swimming in the sea as the waves were too strong and were way more suitable for surfing. 

On the last day, right before i took the transport to the airport, i paid a visit to Kuta Beach again as I noted a structure on the beach as I was rushing to Beachwalk Shopping Centre for last-minute shopping!

Noticed along the way that swimming would be allowed between two red yellow flags. I can only say swim at your own risk and do keep a tight watch over your kids. I believe there are calmer seas in other areas of Bali that you can bring your children to. 

There's a concert that evening and the driver of the transport that sent us to the airport claimed that the event caused the super huge jam in Kuta that eventually resulted in us missing our flight. :( 

As you can see, dark clouds loomed in the sky and there was even a light drizzle; crowd facing the main stage was thin and I frankly didn't expect the traffic to be so bad just an hour later! 

Low tide in the afternoon that seemed to give the visual impression that the waves were calmer although i doubt there would be any good snorkeling, especially with the weak swimming skill i have.

Worried about shark attacks? According to Shark Attack Data, shark attacks in Bali are rare and the most recent incident was over a year ago.

Crowd in the afternoon with some flying kites too! According to the driver we engaged on our second day, July / August is usually blessed with strong wind and there's even a kite festival; for more details, click here

The sheltered sun loungers were not for free; to use them, you can contact the numerous operators along the beach (located near the wall on the beach side). Actually, you don't have to approach them; the shrewd business operator will automatically drift towards you once their eyes set sight on you. 

Additional chargeable services include hair braiding (a friend did that for S$15 and i would have followed her if not for the fact that i love to wash my hair) or a nice massage amidst the therapeutic, natural music made by the waves. 

You may even be offered to chance the spot a fierce-looking temporary tattoo! 
For a price of course. 

Night-time Kuta Beach was more peaceful. You can still do some staring; this time at the sky where stars shone with reduced light pollution. Maybe that's what the wall is for; to block out the lights from the buildings.


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