Sunday, July 16, 2017

KLM Airline - from Singapore to Bali

I am price sensitive when it comes to purchasing airline tickets and always prefer to look at budget airlines first. However, in the recent trip to Bali, the ticket was also bought and it shall be my first experience with KLM Royal Dutch Airline

KL0835; a Boeing 777-300 plane - don't you just love it that the official color for KLM planes is sky blue?!  That's such a soothing color and totally complement the sky when it's not obscured by clouds. 

Time to board - I just noticed a sticker on the boarding pass that passengers arriving within 20 minutes before departure would be denied entry! Wah, that's really strict as I usually arrive 15 minutes in advance so that I don't have to queue and jostle with the rest.

Seated along the aisle as we didn't pre-select the seats! That's a bummer for me as I can take a lot more photographs outside the window. It didn't help that my "neighbors" are strangers and I am by nature a shy person. Really.

Perks of a full-service airline - in-flight entertainment and as usual, I will automatically click the icon for movies to check if there were any new films that I should catch in the roughly two hours plus flight. 

There's even USB port to charge your mobile phones! Anyway, I couldn't start on my movie as I had brought out my iPhone ear-phones and it's the ones with the lightning end! :( 

Not one to waste my time waiting for takeout, I proceeded to read the airline magazine and found an interesting article that should be shared with all of you; the exercises you can undertake while in the flight to ensure good blood flow.

Earphones would be dispensed by the airline staff once you are in the air and the seat belt sign is off; the problem is that you couldn't start on your movie earlier and in my case, I had opted for a Chinese film as subtitles would be provided and I can still follow the movie without listening.

Knowing that I would face the same problem on my return flight; I kept the earphones after I disembarked from the flight at Bali. They didn't collect; so I guess it would be fine... right? 

Another perk of a full-service airline; food that was already included in your ticket price! Unlike Singapore Airline, there wasn't any menu and the pack given to me appeared to be some curry chicken with rice. 

Rice was bland although the spiced chicken was nicely spiced and tasted pretty good; can't compare to the amazing curry chicken from Fu Xiang Kitchen but hey, it's airline food.

Salad with tofu cubes and cashew nuts; I must be famished as I cleaned up the serving too. I normally don't take salad when I am outside for two reasons; the pricing (which wasn't applicable here) and the hygiene as my tummy is pretty sensitive and the last thing I want on an overseas trip is an upset stomach. 

Dessert in the form of this cake with shredded coconut gula-melaka topping was delicious and I couldn't help feeling a tad guilty to have eaten the entire thing in one go! If Alex was seated beside me, I might steal a few more bites. 

I don't have any complaint about the seating at KLM but there's something about the headrest that every airline should install in their airplane! It can move up and down which would benefit those who are tall. 

That's not all; you can bend the sides of the headrest so that it becomes a stabilizer for your head. 

Time to work out the legs as they had been in that same position for far too long! As I am not tall, it's usually no problem for me to be seated in the cramp airline seats but maybe it's age, my legs get numbed after an extended period in a stationary position. 


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