Monday, July 24, 2017

Centipede at Home!

There's a reason why I chose to live in a high-rise building; not that many creepy crawlies, specifically snakes as I am utterly terrified of them!

Hence, imagine my shock when I noticed something crawling on my kitchen's floor; what the hell was that?!? It didn't help that I was preparing salad for dinner and this could be in it!

Given my usual "blindness", I could have easily ingested it. 
Yes, I am definitely capable of doing that. 

Anyway, it's a centipede and I have absolutely no idea why it appeared in my house, a few floors above ground! I am being benevolent here by having a towel blocking its way although I am honestly scared as shit. 

Now that I have it under control; it's time to whip out my Olympus tough camera for multiple microscopic pictures. I still didn't dare to touch it even though it did look kind of cute with its feelers and beady eyes! 

However, I doubt I can mentally accept it as a pet and opted for a more humane method, for me; in a plastic bag and down the rubbish chute. Bye Bye!

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