Friday, July 14, 2017

Balinese Water Rangoli (Flower Arrangement) @ Grand Istana Rama Hotel [Bali, Indonesia]

Under the dim lights at Grand Istana Rama Hotel, my tired eyes could make out a stone structure right smacked in the middle of the reception. I took a picture which turned out blur.

Hence, it's necessary to take a second photograph the next day, in the bright daylight when everything would be clearer and i don't have to endure the high risk of badly taken photos. Frankly, a stone structure would not have attracted any attention without the colorful patterns on it! 

They were actually a beautiful collection of flower petals that were arranged in a way to include words too! This would be quite similar to the rice decoration on the floor we see outside the homes of our Indian friends during major festivals like Deepavali. 

Known as Rangoli, it's a unique art form that's usually arranged by woman although you can probably figure from the above picture that it's a man who was tasked to design the pattern at the hotel. 

Man or woman; it doesn't really matter so long they can do the work well. I definitely wouldn't have the patience and creativity to change the design everyday! And you know what, the pattern would be destroyed in a few hours' time; largely due to water movement or maybe because some ignorant fools decide to wash their face with the flower-infused water. 


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