Saturday, July 22, 2017

Alex's Eating House - The Roast Combination for Two Persons @ Beach Road (Near Bugis Junction and Opposite Shaw Tower) [Singapore]

Alex is such a common name that i shouldn't be surprised to hear of a coffee shop named after it. However, my elder sister thought i would have heard about it since Alex's Eating house is pretty famous for its roast delights and she is very well aware of my love for them!

My food intelligence network might have highlighted this store but i would be confused as the English name doesn't correspondence with the Chinese name; in Chinese, the place is known as 文记鸭饭 which should rightfully be Boon Kee duck rice or Wen Ji duck rice.

Anyway, it doesn't matter so long i can correctly indicate the location at the end of this post. What's most important would be our order earlier this afternoon; the roast combination for two persons that consisted of roast duck, roast pork, char siew and barbecued pork ribs.

Okay, it was lunch and i decided to have a serving of noodle too! Do note that the roast combination would cost at least S$25 without any noodle / rice and although i found it to be on the high side; my sister foot the bill and i am not complaining.

It was one of the better Cantonese-style noodle that was light without being overly generous with the soya sauce and boasted a QQ texture that's so good; i think i could stomach another serving!

Since duck rice was indicated on its Chinese name, i shall talk about it first - frankly, the roast duck skin was a disappointment and the meat was average tasting with the signature toughness that's quite the norm for duck. The sauce that was poured onto the duck was a game-changer though and i depended heavily on it to clean up both the meat and skin.

Roast pork (or sio bak as some of us would prefer to call it) was good for the following reasons; the fat-meat ratio was just right, the marination wasn't too salty and the roasted skin remained crunchy with the very-much needed cackling as my teeth cut through it.

Char siew was definitely above average and only the ones with fattier parts won my heart with their juicier bite that's enveloped with a tasty char-ness. The best in the roast combination was definitely the barbecued pork ribs; the sweet charred flavour can be tasted even within the tender meat and i kid you not, i should have ordered an entire slab so that i can slowly pick off the meat and lick clean the bones!


In all, a satisfactory meal although as far as char siew is concerned, it couldn't take over the top positions currently held by Kay Lee in Singapore and You Kee in Malaysia.

87 Beach Road,
#01-01, Chye Sing Building,
Singapore 189695


As above.

Roast Combination for 2 - S$25.00
Noodle - i think it's S$2.00

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