Friday, March 10, 2017

Sembawang Traditional Claypot Rice (三巴旺原味煲仔饭) @ Jalan Tampang (Opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre) [Singapore]

A sponsored post of Sembawang Traditional Claypot Rice kept popping up on my Facebook feed and i thought enough is enough; the allure of claypot rice shouldn't be denied any further!

I specifically chose a weekend after the peak lunch hours but the place was still packed with diners; thankfully, i got a table for two almost immediately upon entering the non-air-conditioned eatery.

My main aim was of course the signature claypot rice and got a medium one for both Alex and i. A consideration was made for the large serving as i was famished since this meal would technically be brunch for me!

In addition to their signature claypot rice, there were plenty of dishes for you to choose from, including the San Lou Bee Hoon that the Great Kon would have loved to try if he was with us that day! Too much carbohydrates for Alex and i though and i was also planning for a durian indulgence at Sembawang Seng that's just a few doors away!

The wait was an excruciating 20 minutes; necessary solely because the eatery claimed to guarantee the freshness of your claypot rice and would only cook upon order! Frankly, i almost died of hunger that day.

Recognise the content in the bottles? As with New Lucky claypot rice at Holland Drive, please help yourself to the oil and dark soya sauce by dousing the content all over your claypot rice!

Unlike the ladies i was with at New Lucky, Alex did a horrible job in mixing up the rice and i had to step in when i realised (through the camera lens) that he was concentrating on only one side!

A veteran claypot rice mixer would know you have to be QUICK and FAST so that the temperature can be spread out for evenly cooked rice, chicken, Chinese sausages and vegetables. The above was the result of my not too bad attempt given that i prefer to eat more than i cook.

Now, the claim for guaranteed freshness wasn't for show and this was evident right from the start when the pot of steaming white rice covered with moist Chinese sausages and the fresh looking vegetables was placed on our table! The hidden pieces of chicken also didn't disappoint with a moist tenderness although my love honestly rest with the crispy, scorched rice stuck to the bottom and sides of the claypot.

Despite the flashing of carcinogenic warnings (in my mind) from ingesting the charred rice, i still couldn't resist scratching the claypot with the hardy spoon and hearing them break and crack in my mouth! p.s. salted fish lovers would be pleased to know there were many little pieces of them in the claypot; i dislike salted fish.


4, Jalan Tampang,
Singapore 758949
(opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre)


As above

Opening Hours
11 am to 10 pm (Daily)


Claypot Rice (Medium) - S$13.80
(No GST and no Service Charge)
(Accept CASH only)

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