Monday, March 27, 2017

Amanda - The Healthier Steamed Brownies from Bandung [Indonesia]

The only Amanda i know is a person but in Bandung, it's a famous brand with products that foreigners like myself would buy back for friends and family in Singapore. 

We purposely took a cab to one of the branches at Dago that's about 2.6 kilometers from Best Western Premier La Grande hotel and in case you are wondering what products Amanda are famed for; look for the clue in the above photo.

Brownies and to think that i would travel all the way to Bandung to purchase brownies when i am not even a big fan! Well, the steamed version from the city is a popular "souvenir" to bring back and the fact that i am there means i might as well get some.

Its popularity can be attest by two observations; one, there wasn't any sampling in the store and second, the brownies were readily packed and displayed for customers to grab and pay! 

I am afraid i didn't manage to take pictures of the "real" thing but my verdict of the 'original' and 'pandan' is that i prefer the baked version which had a more satisfying texture and contained many walnuts. The steamed ones were healthier, softer and lighter yet didn't quite appeal to me. 

There were other products for sale; however, as there wasn't any sampling and i didn't know how good it might be, i hauled back like 10 boxes and one box was like 750 grams! 

There's another advantage for Amanda's steamed brownies; pricing! The cheapest 'original' brownies cost only 36,000 Indonesia rupiah a box while the most expensive 'cream cheese' brownies could even be cheaper than a slice of cake here in Singapore! 



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