Monday, October 24, 2016

Ng Soon Kee Fish & Duck Porridge - The Weird Combi Stall @ Geylang East Food Centre [Singapore]

When the Great Kon got wind of my visit to Geylang East hawker centre earlier this year, his immediate response was "did you try the fish and duck porridge"? Of course i didn't and especially so when the thought of combining both fish and duck in porridge sounded horrendously weird!

But Kon's recommendation should never be disregarded; therefore, i decided to give the stall a go when my mom requested i bring her to a traditional Chinese medicine store in the same vicinity.

Mackerel Fish Porridge
The nice surprise was that even though there were fish and duck, they were sold separately and since i couldn't quite decide which was better, i figured ordering one each would solve the problem. Furthermore, mom has always liked having fish in her meals.

Stall owner was quite generous with the slices of fresh mackerel and although it had that unmistakable flavour of flatfish, the clear soup tasted comparatively blander to the way more expensive sliced fish soup at West Coast hawker.

Nevertheless, it was a simple bowl of plain old Teochew style porridge topped with Chinese parsley and fried shallots that will whet your appetite on occasions that you are unwell.

Braised Duck Meat Porridge
Another dish i would gladly have when i am sick; however, i was under the impression the braised sauce was a thick layer on top of plain porridge. Turned out mixing was not even an option and i did find the porridge watery and too lightly seasoned for my liking.

Duck meat was steeped in flavour; likely the result of a significant period of braising although the texture wasn't soft. They were still nice and i could have happily tore through the meat except for one frustration; there were bones and i hate gnawing them to get more meat out of them!

See, that's how much bones i had left at the end of my meal. It would be extremely helpful if i could get an extra plate just for the bones. p.s. i didn't finish the rice as i had a plate of hokkien mee moments before the porridge were placed on our table.


Block 117, Aljunied Avenue 2,
Geylang East Centre Food Centre, #01-11,
Singapore 380117


As above.

As above.

Mackerel Fish Porridge - S$3
Braised Duck Meat Porridge - S$3

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