Saturday, October 01, 2016

Level 2000 of Candy Crush - A Super Easy Level

I still remember that bubbly excitement when i finally arrived at the thousand level of Candy Crush and it's just fitting for me to touch on the next millennia level; 2000!

Boosters should not be used for the first time even though i am half expecting the level to be as simple as the one for level 1,000

Notice the "2 K" characters that are made up of colour bombs?! Among all boosters, i love colour bombs the best as they are so versatile; e.g use one and candies of the same colour is eliminated, use it with wrappers and the same coloured candy would turn into wrappers!

On this level, the conditions appeared pretty easy but i am still worried on the 1,000 blue candies required to clear the level. 

My only consolation is that the game developer didn't insist on having 1,000 green candies to make up 2,000 candies in total.

That would have been devastating to game addicts like me! Anyway, i cleared everything in about 20-25 moves and the given number of moves was 40. 

Despite completing the level at quite an early stage, i didn't manage to go beyond two stars! However, i am not going to be competitive about it. The last time i got competitive with a mobile game, the penalty was the inconvenient De Quervain Tendinitis

Done with Episode 134 - frankly, i am not too sure what the episodes are for; i know there's some kind of story although my sole purpose was purely to get over each level so that i can advance towards the point that i couldn't go any further.

Like now. 

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