Thursday, October 06, 2016

Pan-fried Fuyong Egg Omelette on Rice @ The Star Vista's Central Hong Kong Cafe [Singapore]

I couldn't remember when was my last visit to a Hong Kong cafe even though it was all the rage more than a decade ago when i joined Starhub and got to know the greatest foodie of all time; the Great Kon! 

Anyway, colleagues suggested having our meals at Central Hong Kong Cafe at Star Vista and i thought why not bring along my camera so that i can have a short post in this blog. 

With an appearance quite alike to omu rice, let me present to you the Pan-fried Fuyong Egg Omelette on Rice! There were many items to choose from but this caught my attention; i think i must have been missing the epic Thai omelette with rice from Pier 21 @ Bangkok!  

My verdict - the fragrant aroma was so enticing; my friend asked to take a bite which i of course kindly allowed. Must share the fats mah. :P However, the aroma was just about the best thing from the dish as the taste was nothing short of a normal panfried omelette that had pieces of meat and prawns with onions and beansprouts over a bed of plain white rice. 

It's not horrid tasting but just not impressive enough to warrant an order if i ever visit again. 


To be fair, my colleagues were happy with what they had; be it the pork chop burger, curry pork chop, chicken chop with fried egg rice and fried instant noodles with eggs and luncheon meat. 

1, Vista Exchange Green,
#B1-07, The Star Vista,
Singapore 138617

Pan-fried Fuyong Egg Omelette on Rice - S$6.50
(subject to GST and Service Charge)

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