Sunday, October 30, 2016

Little Topy Grilled Pork Belly (Liempo) @ Yishun Block 732 KopiWu Coffee Shop [Singapore]

Now that the epic ayam penyet had moved out of KopiWu coffee shop, it frees up my tummy to check out other stalls within the food arena but the question has always been, "which one first"?

A reader of this blog, a young Filipino living in Singapore, had tried the Little Topy stall and claimed that the food was authentic and tasted the way they are back in Philippines! Guess that's the answer to my question. 

I am picky when it comes to food and with so many items on the menu, i picked the one i felt more familiar with; the grilled pork belly (known as liempo) even though waiting time was informed to be about 30 minutes (given it was a one-person managed stall and i can see she still had two big tables to serve)! 

Presentation wise - it's just the plain essentials. I added the garlic rice as i thought the grilled pork belly might be a bit too overwhelming on its own. The last minute decision wasn't regretted and i totally enjoyed the simplicity of the fragrant yet appetising rice. p.s. it didn't appear too difficult to make and i should be able to replicate as it was just white rice mixed with garlic bits.

This wasn't my first time trying grilled liempo and there was a notable difference from those i had in the past; the savoriness, rather the sweetness, was the key takeover. Dip the pork in the chilli padi concoction for that extra kick! 

The pork belly was well marinated with maybe a higher concentration of light soy sauce but the grilling brought out the flavour in an intense yet subtle way that tasted so good. With a light crisp on the edges, my only complaint was that i would very much prefer a crunchier skin! 


Block 732, Yishun Ring Road,
 Corner Coffee Shop, Kopi Wu, 
Singapore 760732

As above

As above


Garlic Rice - S$1
Grilled Pork Belly S$8

Additional Information
There could be special items not on the menu! I don't know what am i going to have next time but i sure am bringing my family so that i can order more to share! There are also Barkada meals catered for 4 persons! 

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