Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Last Day of My Short Three Days, Two Nights Penang Trip 2016

Don't you just wish to wake up to the above sight every single morning!? A sea view is available for those who prefer the water at Bayview Hotel (Georgetown) but i guess the rooms would be priced slightly higher.

As this was our last day in Penang and we had a noon flight to catch, time wasn't on our side as we needed to leave the hotel at 9.30 am and i wasn't done with my shopping! Hence, we had to chop chop finished our breakfast!

I very much liked my nasi lemak breakfast whereas Alex was satisfied with his sunny side up with baked beans. Friends who had travelled with me would be aware i am not a fan of baked beans.

Little Penang Street Market - open only on Sundays which was good as i was leaving on Sunday. The only problem was it opens only from 10 am and i obviously didn't have time as i still needed to pack my luggage!

Restoration in progress - this reminded me of a similar scenario in Singapore where the facade remained whereas everything else was demolished! Click here for the post.

Notice the humongous street art mural by the side of the building?

Homeless sleeping on the streets wasn't that uncommon, even in Singapore although the same couldn't be said for those who reside in countries that face the four seasons.

Trishaws in Penang are structurally different from the ones in Singapore; the rider is at the back where Singapore's version is on the side of the passenger(s). Honestly, the passengers on Penang's trishaws appeared to be in greater danger!

Nasi Kandar is a renowned Penang dish similar to nasi briyani that i didn't manage to try on my trip. There were a few reputable ones and if i am not wrong, the one popular with tourists is  known as Line or something.

A busy weekend morning with cars hogging up the street - i was curious yet couldn't explore further due to the tight schedule i had self imposed.

A quieter market - the same one i mentioned in day one where you can get many types of preserved fruits. I always feel that the preserved fruits market would die one day as they don't seem to be well-liked by many nowadays. Even for my mom, she wouldn't purposely buy them unless she has to use them as offerings to the deities.

Main reason why i was out so early - to get a box of signature trishaw egg tarts from Ming Xiang Tai as i know my mum and sister would love them! Note: eat them on the same day as the texture wasn't as good once you put them in the fridge.

I couldn't resist and bought a few boxes of Six Prosperity Pastries too even though there wasn't any sample. Verdict: the pastry was a bit too heavy for me.

By the time i was back at Bayview Hotel, it was almost 9 am! Took a bath, packed my luggage and i finally had to say goodbye to the view in front of me.

Before then, let me indulge in crystal osmanthus jelly cake purchased from Ming Xiang Tai at RM 7.80! Not too bad but can do with more osmanthus flowers! Anyway, i am nitpicking here as my version of home cooked osmanthus jelly is damn power!

Finally leaving at 10 am as the arrangement we had with the driver who sent us to the hotel on the first day fell through and we had to engage the service of the tour counter in Bayview Hotel instead. You know what's the funny part? We were charged cheaper! Whatever the case, above is KOMTAR tower and i can see a transparent sky walk on the top! Why didn't i know about it earlier...?

What does this building look like to you? It bears some resemblance to the beautiful Petronas twin towers, without the pinnacles!

Arrival at Penang International Airport; twenty minutes were all the van took and i believed then that there should be sufficient time for me to roam around the departure lounge.

Picture of the van that came to our rescue back in Bayview Hotel!

My tour mates right ahead of me as they were in a rush to clear check in as soon as possible! Like me, they just wanted to get the process cleared as soon as possible so that there's sufficient time to rest and relax in the departure lounge.

Luck wasn't on our side as there was a snaking long queue and it took us more than an hour! By the time we were done and cleared immigration, we had only about 30 minutes to go before the plane took off the runway. :(

Announcement had come in for us to board the plane and with a heavy heart, i lugged myself to the gate. There was a souvenir shop within the gate where i spent the last few moments of my time in Penang and it's time to go.

Given the "hot seat" once again with plenty of leg room! Maybe i shouldn't pay for preferred seats in the future since there's a chance i might be "upgraded" at no cost! 

Goodbye to Penang; i swear i will be back soon! 

Flying past Penang first bridge with a blurry glimpse of KOMTAR on the left. 

For someone who doesn't fly (like all humans) and is afraid of heights, i am totally mesmerised by the view up in the sky where cottony clouds float around us! Therefore, there is that insatiable urge to take millions of pictures; the above is just three carefully selected ones.

Some Singaporean men would know this island very well.

Ring a bell? This is Tekong Island lah where many of us were dragged from the comforts of our early adult life and thrown into an abyss of discipline! I can identify the building for Viper Company from the above photo even though i was there for only a week! 

The reclamation for Singapore's biggest island never seems to stop... 

Home sweet home at Singapore's beloved Changi International Airport which continued to win prestigious awards and accolades! 

Participating at the "Be a Changi Millionaire" lucky draw! The draw ends on 31 October 2016 and we still have a few more days before you congratulate me on my winnings. 

The brats came to pick us up and i don't know why; Jovyn kept asking me to take pictures for her! Must be her Elsa's dress and the glittery shoes. 

Ending the last Penang posting with photographs of Jovyn's expression! I think she will be suited for the acting class, given her rubber face, her cheerfulness and of course, her utter cuteness! 

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