Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ding Ji Wanton Noodle (鼎记云吞面家) @ 261 Serangoon Central Drive (Near Serangoon MRT Station) [Singapore]

Within the Gang of Four, the level of trust we have for Alex when it comes to food recommendation is the lowest as he has constantly failed us; most memorable was no doubt the fried rice at Union Farm Eating House next to SIM.

Hence, when he recently insisted on bringing me to a superbly good wanton mee at Serangoon Central, i was hesitant yet decided to go along with his decision as i couldn't suggest an alternative. 

To be frank, the big bowl of noodles (asshole ordered large) that was placed on our table shortly after ordering didn't bode too well in the visual aspect component. Want to guess what it is? 

Char Siew - I have high expectations for char siew in my wanton mee and the above is the kind i utterly detest; dry, almost tasteless and without the charred, fatty bits i enjoy. To put it even more insultingly, mock char siew tastes way better. Thankfully, Alex had pre-empted me earlier and told me to focus only on the noodles. 

Before the mee, let's talk about the wantons. Small with tiny pieces of minced meat wrapped inside; they were as normal as those found in many average wanton mee stalls. 

Did it dawn on you that the noodles were almost swimming in a bowl of broth? Just look back at photograph number 3! Simply put, the noodles were delicious and credit had to be given to the appetising sauce that they were soaked in! 

Remember the expensive Kok Kee in the now-demolished Lavender Food Square? Similar tasting albeit just a notch less flavourful and of course, less expensive! Just a thought - would it cost much less if i just want the noodles and the sauce?

There were large pieces of pork lard in Alex's bowl which were missing in mine; bet they would have enhanced the taste further! 


Block 261, Serangoon Central Drive,
Within Wan Jin (萬金) Coffee Shop,
Singapore 550261

As above

As above

Wanton Noodle - Minimum S$3.30


  1. Anonymous10:29 PM

    why not try the truffle wanton noodles at Lorong Lew Lian? haha

    1. shall keep that in mind! Haha thanks for the recommendation! :)


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