Saturday, October 15, 2016

2 Quadrants Waffle with Speculoos Ice Cream in Little Wimbly Lu Cafe @ myVillage Serangoon Garden [Singapore]

Now that i no longer have a car, i don't think i would purposely travel to Jalan Riang for desserts at Wimbly Lu Chocolate Cafe but for those who are less picky with the lack of personal space can check out their mini outfit known (aptly) as Little Wimbly Lu at Serangoon Gardens.

With a much smaller space for the food preparation area, the menu was also relatively scaled down and main meals were limited to five types like pie, baked rice and lasagna. 

I just had a huge bowl of wanton noodle at Ding Ji Wanton Mee and there's no way i can stomach another full meal; a scoop of ice cream would be fantastic for the hot weather though. And talking about ice cream, how i could ever forget about the waffle at the original Wimbly Lu

Was contemplating if i should get a slice of cake too - frankly, plastic covers for the cakes hid the full aesthetic potential of the cakes; i didn't find them beckoning to me as they would have without the covers. Another reason stopping me from buying a slice is practicality since i can bake simple cakes now and am targeting carrot cake in the near future.

So waffle with ice cream it shall be and a cup of ice cold Ribena to quench the thirst. Pay first, collect your buzzer, wait for it to ring with running red light and collect your "stuff" at the collection counter. 

Ribena - didn't differ much from what i could have mixed myself using the Ribena concentrate. I am just thinking if i should get a bottle of the concentrate but knowing me, it would mean a BIG cup every evening and this doesn't bode too well for my health since my usual diet is already lade with sugar. 

Waffle with Speculoos Ice Cream - wait, wait, wait; before you start to complain that this is a cheat and the establishment is giving such a minute piece of waffle, i would like to clarify that there were two pieces and it was indicated clearly on the menu that two quadrants would be given.

Am i disappointed with the size of the serving? I was initially although i should i have guessed when it was priced at only S$4. Furthermore, i could do with less than more. 

The speculoos (made of caramelised cookies) ice cream for the waffle drizzled with maple syrup hyped up the sweetness and i thought plain old vanilla ice cream might be a better option. Waffle wise, it had crisp edges and was so light and fluffy; we finished it in no time! Those looking for a satisfying bite will, however, be disappointed. 


1, Maju Avenue,
myVillage, #01-09/10, 
Singapore 556679

Desserts and Food Menu 
As above

Waffle - S$4.00
One Scoop of Ice Cream - S$3.50
Ribena - S$2.50

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