Wednesday, May 04, 2016

The Perfect Toilet - Key Essentials that Every Washroom Should Have!

When the urge for number 2 calls when you are outside, what would be the things you would specifically look out for in your search for an appropriate toilet except for cleanliness and smell? 

For a person who spouts the word "poo" or its equivalence on a super frequent basis, i actually didn't give it much thought until my recent trip to Terminal 21 at Bangkok!

There was a sudden pain in my tummy and i knew i wouldn't be able to hold back for long; rushing into one of cubicles in the Turkish-themed washrooms on the Istanbul floor, i did affirm that there's no issue with either cleanliness or smell. 

After a super horrendous experience at Parkway Parade in Singapore, I am "anal" when it comes to using the toilet bowl and hence, was delighted to see a toilet seat sanitiser with sufficient toilet paper!

In addition, it's a toilet bowl with an electronic bidet (came with warmer too; which was kind of redundant in hot Bangkok)! With so many functions, i am often disinclined to use such devices when i am in the public lest i embarrassed myself by spraying myself with water!

Fret not, simple instructions were provided and you should have ample time to read it while you do your 'business'. This brings an end to the essentials every washroom should have; clean, no smell, provision of toilet seat sanitiser, bidet and lastly, instructions! 

What are your essentials?

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