Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Hundred-Year Old House in Longji (龙脊廖家百年古屋) @ Longshen County [Guangxi, China]

I resolved to make my way up to the top of the Longji Terraced Fields and with this cannot-say-die attitude, i focused on the path right in front of me and forged onward with just the occasional glance on the floor in case of chicken poo! 

If not for my dad who pulled me back, i would likely have missed out this building with a signboard labelling it as a hundred-year-old house; i slowed down my pace and read the short brief on the blue framed canvas hung by the side.

One of seven houses with a history of at least a hundred years, this was of special mention as it was built by the descendants of the Liao-surname family on the original site of the very first house at Longji that was dated more than 600 years ago! 

It's moment like this that piqued my interest in my own family history since my grandparents hailed from China too. Anyway, it was said to be an ecological museum now although from the look of it (to be frank, dilapidated), it didn't appear anything like that. 

Furthermore, who the hell would put out a few planks of wood for visitors to cross in order to get into the house?! I didn't bother. Would you? 


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