Sunday, April 10, 2016

Guilin City at Night around Rong Lake - A Short, Walking Tour

One of the compulsory additional tours we had to purchase for the Guilin, Longji trip was that of a night scene of Guilin city on coach which was just tons of artificial lighting shining on notable structures. 

Photo-taking was difficult for an amateur like me and i was delighted when the tour guide suggested an extra segment that required the use of our legs! Honestly, i have never been supportive of multi-coloured lights at the trees for two reasons; waste of energy and the atmosphere took a turn to being eerie and gaudy.

Crossing an underpass to see a unique structure that's bound to attract your attention.

Three-dimensional wall murals dotted the underpass and they seemed to portray the daily life of an ancient Guilin resident.

The glass bridge of Guilin which uses a special crystal glass for construction. It was the first of its kind in China with a length of 22.4 meters long and 2.64 meters wide.

At night, LED lights lit up the bridge and featured a different colour hue that made it hard for us to draw our eyes away. 

You might have also noticed something weird about the bridge with the three photos shown so far; there's no one on the bridge as it was said to be out of bounds. Why built a bridge then? Hmmmm..

Another icon of Guilin city - the sun moon twin pagodas (日月双塔); plain in the day, the lights created an altogether unusual feel to the structures at night and with one look, you would know which is the sun and which is the moon pagoda.

Information time - the sun pagoda is also known as the bronze tower and is 41-meter tall with 9 levels while the sun pagoda (aka glass tower) has 7 levels at 35 meters of height. There's also a 18-meter long underwater passage connecting both pagodas. It might also surprise you that they were not historical structures and were both completed in 2002.

Though we didn't visit both pagodas, the whole group of us relaxed by the lake while being serenaded by men who were physically disabled yet commanded a beautiful voice, for a donation drive. 


Check out the posting for the summarised itinerary of Chan Brother's tour package (guaranteed no shopping stops) to Guilin for a better overview of my trip. :)

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