Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hezhou Lingfeng Square (贺州灵峰广场) @ Guangxi Province [China]

I mentioned before that once you have been to a cave in China, you would have literally seen all the caves in China. That's maybe an exaggeration although my pet peeve is to be brought to a square / parade when i am overseas.

Not that i have much of a choice since this visit to Hezhou Lingfeng Square was part of the itinerary. It wouldn't have been that bad if we had not been travelling on the coach for almost three hours prior to our arrival. 

Obviously built in modern times, you can see from the expressions of my tour mates that they were plain bored and took the opportunity to stretch themselves. 

This solitary hill didn't result in the oohs and aahs as heard in the past few days since there were way more impressive ones at Yangshuo and Guilin. Nevertheless, this hill was the one that gave the square its name; lingfeng although there was a slight variation in the word feng. 

Legend told of a fairy by the name of Lingfeng who were captivated by the beauty of Hezhou and decided to turn into hill so that she can stay forever there. Guess she doesn't have the wanderlust bug that many of us are infected with nowadays. 

My dad and i were as bored as our mates; however, this stingy father-son combination would never have their money gone to waste and continued with being trigger happy with the DSLR on their hands. 

While most of our mates stayed near the square, dad and i ventured all over the place, within a comfortable distance from our guide, and chanced upon this stretch filled of trees with hanging hairy vines. 

A picture of dad; boy did he look refreshed. I was just grouchy and looking forward to a bed to rest as i could never sleep on a coach; even if i manage to, it would be a restless one. 

Found on the other end of square - restaurants surrounding a man-made pond. It exuded a happening vibe and i know for sure it is definitely a congregation point for the locals at night!


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