Monday, April 18, 2016

A Place of Utmost Beauty in the Middle of the Ride towards Longji Terraced Fields @ Longsheng County, Guangxi Province, China

It was just one of the toilet breaks undertaken during our trip to Guilin and i was all ready to return back to the coach when i noticed quite a number of my tour mates loitering behind the coach. I had to be nosy about it as their eyes seemed to be fixated at something

 The above was the breathtaking view that took their breath away and made my heart fluttered and missed a couple of beats. 

There were mountains and there were rivers; two favourable conditions for a man looking forward to a period of calm and relaxation! If you ask me, this was exactly the kind of paradise that i envision heaven to be.

Location; unknown although i bet those travelling from Guilin to Longji Terraced Fields would pass by this place. Notice that river behind the building? I heard from the tour guide that it's popular with river rafters. 

That majestic looking building to the left appeared to be still-in-the-works; likely a hotel / resort / hostel / guesthouse / restaurant given its strategic location. 

The only place that gave me the chills even though there is an element of exaggeration here. Having lived in a kampong before, there are certain places that exuded a certain eerie vibe that are not obvious in daytime. 

Flowers always have the tendency to liven the atmosphere and here's dad with a weird pose. Pity the way down was quite a distance; if not, my dad would have climbed down for that closer and better pictorial backdrop. 


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