Friday, January 29, 2016

Royal Thai Kitchen (皇廚泰式料理) - A Hidden Gem @ 740 Bedok Reservoir Road [Singapore]

I was at a loss on what to have for dinner when mom happened to have a dental appointment at Bedok Reservoir a few weeks ago. The roast duck stall that i patronised quite often had already closed for the day by then.  

This shop wouldn't have created any interest from me as i remember having breakfast once in the same place and the bee hoon was so bland; i swore never to return! 

Never be too quick to swear off something! The smile on the statue beckoned me to take a closer look at their menu and i thought Set A was quite reasonably priced with a main, a soup and even a dessert.

Within long, we were seated with Mom continued to deliberate over her order while i was more or less decided. Although the interior didn't deviate much from the first time i visit, it felt like an entirely different shop; somewhat along the line of one operator takes the morning slot while another takes the evening slot. 

Lemongrass Drink 
At S$1.50 a glass, this is a must-order! First and foremost, it isn't expensive and satisfies the scrooge in me. Secondly, it tasted strong of lemongrass and left a nice aroma in the mouth. 

Set A
Presentation was a bit disappointing but i guess i had gone through many such cases when menu pictures don't commensurate with reality. Nevertheless, presentation doesn't even matter when the food tastes horrid.  

Set A - Tom Yam Soup
This was rich, thick, sweet, sour and spicy; a combination i very much enjoyed, especially when my pores tinkled with excited as i slowly slurped it down my throat! 

Set A - Pineapple Fried Rice
You would be forgiven for thinking this might likely be just a plate of fried rice and i couldn't deny that i was in your position when it was served. Let's talk about the bad part; the green peas were too hard! 

Other than that small disagreement, i must say i am pretty impressed with it even though mom expressed her opinion that the taste was a tad mild. I actually like to mildness and i could still detect the wok-hei within. What surprised me more were that the rice remained moist and the pineapples cubes retained their juiciness even after the heavy frying! 

Set A - Thai Tapioca
Drenched in a sugary, milky concoction, the tapioca had too hard a texture and the taste didn't result in me craving for more. I would ask if i can switch to mango sticky rice next time! 


Overall satisfactory and i was in fact anticipating my next visit when i can try the other delicious looking items on the menu. I would be sharing the menu shortly! 

Block 740, Bedok Reservoir Road,
#01-3143 (beside Happy Hawkers Food Court)

As above

Lemongrass Drink - S$1.50
Set A - S$8.80
[NO GST, NO Service Charge]

Additional Information
Mom loved her Thai Style Noodle Soup!

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