Thursday, January 14, 2016

Famous Old Airport Fried Oyster (驰名旧机场炒蚝煎) @ Old Airport Road Food Centre

Having a diploma in marketing doesn't make me less susceptible to marketing gimmicks and i am always drawn to hawker stalls with supposedly old school signage / design, especially those branded with the word "famous".

I cannot resist when my eyes caught sight of the sentence "buy original, say no to copy"! This must be some authentic shit and no harm giving this Famous Old Airport Fried Oyster hawker a try. 

This was it and from appearance, i can roughly gauge the texture that should strike a somewhat good balance between crispiness and gooey-ness.

Verdict - the frying wasn't consistent with parts that were crispy and parts that were rather soft and sticky. However, it had a high concentration of eggs, which i enjoyed since i am a not fan of oyster. The subtle oyster taste and its unmistakable aroma are still required for that special oomph signature of fried oyster though and this plate was thankfully rich of "oyster" essence. 

We cleaned up literally everything even though it wasn't especially exceptional. 

Shall opt for their luxurious 3-in-1 version next time; at least it contained ingredients like squid and prawns that i would gladly pop into my mouth without a second thought. 


51 Old Airport Road #01-54, 
Old Airport Road Food Centre

Nearest MRT Station 
Dakota Station (Circle Line) 

Fried Oyster - Minimum S$4

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