Saturday, January 09, 2016

The Different Dried Persimmons @ Yangshuo / Lipu (China)

I mentioned about the persimmon plantations in my post here and as a person who enjoyed the snack traditionally used as festive offering in Singapore, i must buy some to taste the difference, if any.

The first touch said it all; it was pulpy with a noticeably higher moisture content unlike the kiu-chwee (shrunk, dried up) version we have in Singapore! To be fair, the preservation period for the former might also be shorter and hence, would be unsuitable for the long journey to the little red dot. 

See how thick the meat was! The natural sweetness of the persimmons was unmatched and it was such a delight taking one bite after another! My only regret was not buying more for my friends back home! note: you are supposed to wash off the white powder with hot water before eating it. 

I randomly bought the persimmons from a stall at Silver Cave which is situated in between Yangshuo and Lipu but you can almost see them everywhere as they were in season then. Speaking of Lipu, it's famous for another edible plant; yam! 


RMB 8 for 500grams

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