Saturday, January 23, 2016

Surrounding The Silver Cave (银子岩) in between Yangshuo & Lipu @ Guangxi Province [China]

I need to split my post once again as i have taken too many photographs for silver cave; a scenic area located in Lipu although geographically speaking, it's almost in between Lipu and Yangshuo!

This signaled our admission to the scenic area. Honestly, i wasn't keen to explore caves after realising that they usually look the same after a while. Nevertheless, this was part of our tour itinerary and it's a waste if we were to skip it.

Food street by the side!

Items sold were comparable from one stall to another but there are a few key ones from the pictures that are renowned even back in Singapore.

Dried persimmons that were likely from the not-too-far-away Gongcheng which i have separately shared before here. This is actually the place where i bought and indulged in super delicious dried persimmons!

Another local specialty would be the Lipu yam! When my mom visited almost a decade ago, she brought back two heads and i kid you not, their texture and taste was just so different from the ones from other countries.

Sample price list for your reference.

Along the way, you would chance upon the spring pool; initially, i thought this would be a place where locals can soak in hot spring water.

Turned out it's more a fish pond.

Look at that impressive number of koi fishes in the pool and they all congregated towards humans for a simple reason; food!

Fish food at RMB 3 (S0$0.70) for one large pack!

Animal interactions continued at the alpaca exhibit where you can touch, feed and even take a selfie with the cute creatures at RMB 10 per person.

My horse crazy sister might just fork out her money to take a ride on the horse. Speaking of horse rides, i have never done that before!

The very aptly named Fortune Square! Did you notice the top of the building with a gold ingot? That's close to the entrance of the cave. 

Coming back; i guess the name fortune square came about due to the many god of fortune statues placed there. Except for their sheer number and vivid red finishing, there's nothing unusual about the statues. 

Moon lake bridge - even though one section leads to an island in the middle of the lake (which would be irresistible for my dad and i), we had to treat it as more a touch and go as our tour guide had called us back! 

To proceed to the cave's entrance via the prosperity coin! It might have been a few months but i sure hope it would provide me with some luck to win the upcoming CNY toto draw! Huat ah! 


Silver Cave, Lipu,
Guilin, Guangxi Province,

Tour Map
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