Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Vermicelli Roll with Sweet & Sesame Sauce @ Tim Ho Wan (Westgate)

Faced with a famished mother who didn't have breakfast, i was literally in a fix on where to have a decent lunch when there were simply too many options in Westgate and Jem shopping malls!

Fortunately, i remember that mom was quite happy when i last brought her to Tim Ho Wan (Toa Payoh Central) and from memory, it had a long while since i last had dim sum! Hence, the decision is made; Tim Ho Wan (Westgate) shall be it!

I ordered those we had back at its Toa Payoh branch with just one exception; the Vermicelli Roll with Sweet & Sesame Sauce (also known as chee cheong fun in Singapore).

For something that was plain and drizzled with a generous amount of sweet and sesame sauce, it was just mind blowing good; the texture of the chee chong fun was firm yet soft although i couldn't deny that the sweet and sesame sauces played an important role by upping both the flavour and aroma! Heck, i thought it was better than the more expensive prawn vermicelli roll.

I am not going to comment separately on the other items we had (yes, i am getting lazy) but you can actually find the review based on the Toa Payoh branch here.

The standard at Westgate was admittedly lower and this disparity seemed to match with the review from a friend who had been to a few branches in Singapore and declared that the Toa Payoh branch was the best so far! 


3, Gateway Drive,
#01-13/14, Gateway
[Connected to Jurong East MRT Station]

Other Branches
As above; with almost everyone owning a camera handphone, it does make perfect sense to take a picture listing all the branches as per indication! Aside from being eco friendly, it would also help to reduce the clutter in your wallet! 

Vermicelli Roll with Sweet & Sesame Sauce - S$4.20.
[Subject to GST and Service Charge]

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