Monday, November 23, 2015

The Churro Waffle (Limited Time Only) @ The Daily Scoop Sunset Way

Marketing can make a hell lot of difference in a cut throat industry like the one serving ice cream and with reference to the just-written statement; i could not take my eyes off when i saw the notice for the limited time only Churro Waffle at The Daily Scoop! 

While the rest of my friends were still deliberating on what to have for desserts, my decision was fast and rapid; "i shall take the churro waffle"! It was served about ten minutes later! p.s. the churro waffle as indicated on the notice, was simply the parlour's classic baked waffle with cinnamon, sugar and maple syrup. 

I must have missed the fine print as i was expecting something that appeared more churro-like. Nonetheless, it's my bad and the extra toppings did enhance the tastiness of the waffle, especially when compared to disappointing waffles i had in the past two occasions. Would have been better if it had a crispier crust! By the way, the scoop of maple crisp ice cream complemented the churro waffle perfectly! 


41 Sunset Way #01-04, 
Clementi Arcade


As above

The Churro Waffle* - S$7.50
*includes one scoop of ice cream

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