Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Jerald is 8!

September is a busy month; not just physically but also financially as three members of my immediately family have birthdays on the same month! 

Jerald is only the second one by the way and although i may splurge a bit more in September, i did so willingly so long my loved ones are happy to receive their presents! However, i would like to make a simple point here; money sometimes could not buy happiness. 

At times, your company is way more valuable, especially for the older folks. 

Enough on sentimental messages, which come really easier as i age. Coming back, Jerald is finally eight and this big boy is now in primary two; it doesn't seem that long ago when i could still carry him using one arm! 

Start of the birthday song - even though i am unmarried, i can understand the joy that kids bring to the household; well, until they grow into teenagers. Funny that we adults have all been through that rebellious stage yet couldn't fathom why teenagers behave that way! 

There's a reason for Jovyn's expression and it would become more obvious as the medley of birthday songs reaches its end. Want to guess what she did?

That brat blew the candles immediately; leaving Jerald with not even a single lighted candle! Poor birthday boy was kind enough for us to relight one of the candles so that he can perform the customary gesture. 

And wasn't he lucky to have gotten the kisses from two pretty gals?! Jovyn, as usual, was eyeing the ice cream cake we got from Island Creamery

Blowing the candles was the highlight for the kids and cutting cakes were in fact secondary; hence, Jerald didn't protest when Jovyn insisted on holding the knife to cut HIS cake! On the cake, it was better than the one we got for Mum; the cookie and cream ice cream was creamilicious with chunks of cookies!

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