Sunday, September 13, 2015

He Zhong White Carrot Cake (合眾菜头粿) @ Bukit Timah Food Centre [Singapore]

When it comes to Asian style carrot cake, which is eaten as a meal rather than a dessert, my affection had always been restricted to the sweet and black version. 

The white style was never on my craving list and although i wasn't quite prepared to even order the supposed traditional one from He Zhong; my colleague ordered anyway for sharing among the three of us. 

I could not help thinking this would be another unsatisfactory white carrot cake when it was placed on the table; chunky pieces of carrot cake, didn't seem like there were a lot of eggs and it's white. 

Don't ever judge food by its appearance. He Zhong concentrates on only the white version, has been around for like 40-50 years and the frying style was unlike its competitors; the egg was made to encapsulate the carrot cake and the chilli paste was smeared on top instead of being fried together. 

And i bloody love the carrot cake!! Its unique layering was actually on purpose to ensure you have the full bodied taste of the carrot cake [egg (somewhat runny in the middle), chai po, carrot cake and chilli] and it's so addictive! I think i would be visiting very soon!


116, Upper Bukit Timah Rd,
#02-185, Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre

Minimum S$3 a plate

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