Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sushi Den Salmon Sashimi & Umi Nigiri Set @ Terminal 21 [Bangkok]

It's funny that instead of having local food for all my meals in Bangkok, i was more keen in checking out the Japanese restaurants instead; sometimes, i do wonder if i am pregnant in the mental sense since i can be obsessive when it comes to satisfying my craving! 

With the above in mind, let me bring you to my second Japanese restaurant in my four days, three nights visit to the capital of Thailand; Sushi Den! 

Seated at the bar counter (which was the only kind of seating around), i was in a fix on what to order since i was alone; should it be sashimi or should i take on the sushi set? Pricing wasn't cheap and a single piece of uni sushi will set me back by about S$11!

Salmon Sashimi
I simply could not resist and boy was i pleased with what i had; just like Tohkai Sushi, each slice was thicker and larger than what we have in Singapore! However, the taste was a just a notch lower when compared to Tohkai Sushi.

Freshly grated wasabi again! Honestly, the real thing was so much better; spicier definitely. I put just a bit on the first piece of sashimi before rolling it up and using my deft chopstick skill, dabbed it in the soy sauce before placing the entire content into my mouth. Almost choked my guts out! 

Umi Nigiri Set 
With an arranged dinner that was just an hour away, i must be crazy to be ordering this! As i mentioned right from the beginning; when the craving starts, i can be rather irrational!

Didn't find the content exceptional but i am not a raw food connoisseur; my only negative feedback was with the ika sushi which tasted fishy although it wasn't that bad enough for me to remove it from the tray.  


LG Floor,
Terminal 21 Shopping Centre
[Next to Asok BTS Station]

Do refer to the 2nd and 3rd photographs.

Salmon Sashimi - 240 baht
Umi Nigiri Set - 250 baht
[Subject to VAT and Service Charge]

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