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Marine Park - As Part of the Afternoon Snorkelling Session with Perhentian Island Resort [Malaysia]

Snorkelling is the most important factor why i am so obsessed with beach vacations; the evidence that i am on my third beach destination this year shows a lot of my love for the sea activity. 

Today, i shall touch on the first snorkelling expedition as part of the package i purchased with Perhentian Island Resort; details of the accommodation shall be shared in the next few days.

Travelling southwards on a speedboat, i have no idea where this "marine park" were going to be. From past experiences (in Tioman and Redang islands), i have a rough idea how it would be like.

We shall be brought to a jetty and i was right! Jeti Taman Laut Pulau Perhentian would in fact be the first jetty you would notice when you arrive at the islands from Kuala Besut jetty.

Jumping in, i was a tad disappointed with the underwater scene; as compared to natural corals, it is always less exciting to have them on human-made structures installed for the purpose to enhance the growth of the coral colony.

There was a moment of excitement though; when i thought this was a jellyfish! 

From the water surface which was easily about 4-5 meters deep, i cannot quite articulate how big the clam was although the width must have been about three-quarter the length of my arm.

Swimming further from the jetty, the view changed to one of natural corals and it was with renewed enthusiasm that i forged ahead with naught a care for the rest of the tour mates.

Apprehension whenever i see a herd of sea urchins! I would not enjoy the pain that was said to be so intensive; it felt like a thousand needles are stuck in your skin. 

I noticed a familiar face; one that held my most favourite fish! 

Befitting its status as a marine park, the amount of fishes was really quite startling! 

Taking good photos can be quite difficult at this depth and not to mention the constant bobbing due to the life jacket can jeopardise the stabilisation of the camera. 

Managed some close ups though!

By the way, the clownfish, specifically the Clown Anemonefish, is my favourite fish; no doubt because of the insanely popular computer animated film during my time. Finding Nemo! 

Swam close to the jetty even though some of my tour mates were already tired out by the experience. C'mon, it was only about twenty minutes! Haha. Depth, as indicated on the ruler, was about 4.5 meters! 

School of small, silvery fishes; not sure what they are as i am not very well versed in them but i have the suspicion the species could be the ikan bilis that people in our region used for food! Sorry, the only way for me to remember fishes is to put them in relation to food, sadly.

Last photo as vertigo had gotten into my head. 


Marine Park of Perhentian Islands

Snorkelling Map for the Afternoon Session
As above. Tanjung Basi and Tiga Ruang would be covered in separate postings.

For my itinerary on the Perhentian Island trip, click here

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