Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Epic Yan Ji Seafood Soup (炎记海鲜汤) in Woodlands @ Old Woodlands Town Centre [Beside Woodlands Causeway Checkpoint]

Even before we arrived at the so-called famous seafood soup at the old woodlands town centre, Ken and the Great Kon were already negotiating on the items they could barter; give me some of your soup and i would pass you the minced meat was just one example.

Honestly, i really could not fathom why both friends were so fascinated with the seafood soup; how different could it be from stalls in other hawker centres?! However, both men swore that my already stuffed tummy would thank me profusely for giving it a try.

The Great Kon did the ordering and it was essentially finding a table, deciding on what you want and then waiting at your table for the delivered food. 

He asked for a serving of pig trotters as they are usually sold out whenever he visits! As i do not know how to appreciate the dish, i took only a small bite and found it agreeable; albeit not to the extent of taking a second bite. 

This was said to be the king of soups, according to some in the online realm! At first look, i must say it was a good mix of ingredients like tomatoes, slices of dory fishes, two prawns and wait, generous lumps of minced meat in seafood soup!? And ya, why the soup so little?! 

On the soup, it was amazingly rich and thanks to the imported scallops (from Hokkaido as indicated on the signboard) that made the base, it was blessed with an intensely sweet flavour from the sea! If you are lucky, like me, you may get to bite into a small piece of the scallop! 

The best was sadly not the tasty soup. The dory fish was normal (you can exchange it for others; just inform the staff when you make the order) and while the prawns were fresh, the key to its popularity was definitely the minced meat! 

I could not find appropriate words to describe it given my pathetic grasp of the English language but in all, the texture was softer than your conventional minced meat patties, with speckles of soft bones and the taste was somewhat like a tender version of my favourite deep fried pork lard! 

Damn, i need a piece now!!


Block 4A, Woodlands Centre Road Food Centre,
#02-11 [Old Town Centre Near Causeway]

As above.

Opening & Closing Hours
10.30 - 11 am till 8.30 pm or while stocks last
Closed on Mondays!

Pig Trotters (Small) - S$7.00
Seafood Soup (Small) - S$6.00

Additional Information
I am so going to bring my mum here and maybe we can order the luxurious crayfish seafood soup! The only thing is that we shall exchange the fish with the yummy minced meat! 

For a bowl of cheap, thirst quenching cheng tng that cost only S$1 a bowl within the same hawker centre, click here.  

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