Friday, July 17, 2015

Yong Heng Food Trading for Keropoks and Other Local Foodstuff @ Batam Island [Indonesia]

Of the few times that i visited Batam, the tour guides would always bring us to a shop to spend our money on local food stuff like keropok; i didn't know it was known then but now i do, Yong Heng Food Trading!

We didn't plan it in our itinerary although my mom and i fondly remembered the passionfruit concentrate we got from the same place a few years back and decided to ask Mr Buldan if we could drop by for a short while after the kueh lapis factory

Guess he couldn't say no since it was within walking distance from the kueh lapis factory and a drive took him less than a minute! Nevertheless, he appeared to know the staff pretty well. 

Indonesia is famous for their prawn / fish keropok (crackers) and fans of the addictive, crispy snacks can consider buying the dried version and deep fry them yourself for that ultimate fresh and hot crispness! 

Lazy bums like myself can consider the packs of readily fried product. We couldn't find the concentrate even though on second thought, the sugar high doesn't really bode well for our ageing bodies and if we really need to drink passionfruit juice, we can always consider having the real thing (p.s. the fruit stall next to Kay Lee sold a really delicious one)! 

Dried sea horses - likely used for soup dishes! On a related note, i don't recall ever seeing a kicking and living seahorse in all my snorkelling trips!

Long time ago, my younger sister bought a bag of the above and we all assumed the items inside were fish skins and left them alone for quite a few weeks. Only upon seeing my sister indulging in them that we checked and got the answer they were thinly sliced fried bananas! Good stuff, by the way.

Some of the products you can find in the shop.

The variety was much wider than just keropoks and peanuts and compared the scale of the shop from the first time i visited, the area it covered now had easily doubled! 

Promotions to entice us to buy more! Some of them have samples and you can try before you make any purchase. Thankfully i have reached that age where i am no longer very interested in snacks. Fattening lor!

Not mine! These were placed in there by my mom and sisters!


Blok C - No. 6-7, Komplek Ruko Golden Prawn, Jalan Golden Prawn, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29444, Indonesia

As above

Additional Information
For supermarket products like super duper cheap hair wax and ice cream, walk over to the supermarket next to Yong Heng Food Trading! You may also let your bored yet hyperactive young kids sit on the kiddie rides!

For the detailed itinerary of our one day trip to Batam with a chauffeured car, click here

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