Saturday, July 04, 2015

Batam Layer Cakes BLC (Halal Certified Indonesian Style Kueh Lapis) @ Batam Island

Kueh Lapis, also known as Thousand-Layer Cake, can be easily found in Singapore but i was never a hardcore fan of it until i had my first bite of the Kueh Lapis in Batam (Indonesia) many years ago!

Since then, i made it a point to purchase a few boxes every time i visit Batam and in my most recent trip, i finally had the opportunity to visit the factory of this supposedly well known brand; Batam Layer Cakes. 

To call it a factory is pushing the definition a little bit as i thought it was rather small scale and unlike legitimate factory visits, there wasn't any guide or commentary. 

It was in essence just a place for you to place your orders for kueh lapis and have them warm and freshly packed for takeaways. From the look of the numerous tour buses parked right outside, i guess business must be booming!

Through the glass windows, you can see the workers in action but that's about as much as you can view from any open kitchen in some restaurants. At the very least, i am assured that hygiene was highly regarded in the factory. 

Even though there was no one to share the history of this brand or the origin of kueh lapis, many visitors were as happy to see the samples! With a minimal of eight flavours, there were only five for us to try out. 

By the way, Indonesian kueh lapis was renowned for their rich butteriness (this would explain my deep affection for it) and i guess the golden churn pure creamery butter was key to the taste! 

Not that the discovery matters to the kids as they displayed greater enjoyment to the ice cream rather than the delicious kueh lapis.


Jalan Golden Prawn, Batam Island
[located within the same area as the popular 933 Golden Prawn Restaurant]


Price List
Flavours and pricing as above for your reference. As we are all aware, prices are subject to changes! Hence, do use the price list only as a point of reference.

Additional Information
For my Muslim friends, the kueh lapis had a Halal certificate from Indonesia. 

For more information on my day trip 
to Batam Island, click here.

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