Sunday, July 19, 2015

Barelang Bridges (or Jembatan Habibie) of Batam Island [Indonesia]

Photographs of the magnificent Barelang Bridges have surfaced on the web for a few years now and i thought it might be worth our while to have it as part of our itinerary for recent day trip to Batam

Resembling towers that loomed from afar, the chain of 6 bridges is now included in most tour packages although some might give it a miss given its inaccessibility. 

Most, if not all, would likely just pay a customary visit to the first two bridges before returning back to Batam island where they can make use of their remaining time to shop, dine (likely A&W) and have a massage. 

Tengku Fisabilillah bridge - a cable-stayed bridge was definitely the most popular and spans 642 meters with two points at 118-meter tall. 

We shall just drive past for the moment as we need to return back anyway. Mr Buldan would stop the car in the middle of this bridge when we return.

There were ample stores along the road and the one thing that caught my attention was roasted corns! I would have loved to purchase a few but we would be having lunch soon! Must save my stomach for the seafood feast... 

On the way to the second bridge. We shall not proceed further than the second bridge as the entire 6-bridge stretch would take us about 50 minutes as the distance from the first to the last bridge was about 50 kilometers! As mentioned previously, we need the extra time to shop, dine and have a massage!

Beyond the first bridge, i believe the rest would be less spectacular anyway. The second Tonton-Nipah Bridge was, as expected, rather normal on the surface.

It was less crowded too and Mr Buldan acceded to our rest for a short stopover so that i can take photographs of the surrounding; like this port by the side.

Jerald endured the hot sun by joining in the fun!

The Tengku Fisabilillah bridge at a short distance away. By the way, the Barelang Bridges are also known as Habibie Bridges as the former president of Indonesia (the same man who gave Singapore its now-famous little red dot label) mooted the building of the bridges to improve the economy within Batam

Frankly, i could so imagine an image of two titans playing tug of war from this angle! Speaking of titans, there would be an upcoming Japanese movie on the gigantic beings! 

Dad with the Tengku Fisabilillah bridge in the background.

On our way back; at this time, it was close to 1pm and i know the two kids must be famished as we didn't really quite have a proper breakfast earlier this morning.

Reappearance of the twin pinnacles! 

Despite the fact that the kids might be hungry, i believe they could endure with a bit of hunger (and burn off those tummy fats) while their uncle me disembarked for a short while to take pictures! 

This side would be near to the seafood restaurant we would be dropping by later for lunch. So near only so i guess the kids can tahan a bit more.

Jerald and dad posing for a picture! It's rare to have dad joining us for a day trip although i can see he was really enjoying himself; the last overseas trip he took should be the one to Ipoh, Cameron Highlands and Kuala Lumpur in 2013!

Closer look of the pylon! 

The other side.

View of the Tonton-Nipah Bridge. 

I honestly could not understand how they would dare to sit by the ledge of the bridge and leisurely continue their fishing! For me, i would be trembling so hard; there's a high chance i might just fall off!

It was mentioned in this post that the bridge is notorious for those who wish to commit suicide! In my opinion, some of the suspected suicide incidents could likely be accidental. The lack of any barrier makes it extremely risky for hyperactive individuals to fall off, unintentionally!

Parting shot by dad! By the way, parking isn't allowed on the bridge and should you insist on doing so, be prepared to fork out 5,000 rupiah! 


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