Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hoshino Coffee - Japanese Style Western Desserts @ Suntec City Mall [Singapore]

One of my earliest visual memories of Japanese food came from those plastic food replicas outside Japanese dining establishments; how could they look so mouthwatering?! 

Known as sampuru, we don't see them as often nowadays but when i happened to chance upon them again at Hoshino Coffee, i could not help but decide to check out the cafe! The fact that there was always a long queue kind of also encouraged me to pay it a visit. 

While my motivation came from the sampuru, i bet many others came for the sake of having a nice cup of coffee in Hoshino's superbly stylish setting. 

Modernistic leathery / velvety seating with speckles of traditional Japanese lanterns, Chinese calligraphy would be my simple description of the decor. Oh, there were a lot of mirrors too!

Before i touch on food, let me first put down my utter satisfaction with the service staff who provided impeccable service, even in the face of a few absolutely deplorable customers. As soon we sat down, two glasses of iced water were immediately placed on our table. Thumbs up!

Hot Japanese Macha Latte
After that amazing cup of green tea latte in Jeju, i endeavour to order whenever i see it listed on the menu. Pity the one at Hoshino Coffee failed to meet my expectation; the bitterness of matcha hit me the nanosecond the green liquid flowed towards my taste buds.

French Toast (Sugar & Cream)
Anyone is able to draw comparison with another French toast from a popular cafe in Singapore Name the cafe! Yes lah, it did appear almost similar to the one from Miam Miam Cafe Kitchen

Douse the homemade whipped cream with the glass of maple syrup! The whipped cream was dense and nice to have on its own although i thought it didn't gel well with the French toast. 

The French toast was in summary, good even though it was sinfully oily with soggy insides and an egg batter that could have been more generous.

Spring Pancake Souffle 
A seasonal recommendation, i opted this over the conventional pancake souffle that Hosino Coffee was famed for. As i have always said, i don't particularly know how to enjoy souffles.

By the way, a twenty-minute wait would be required before this beautiful piece of artwork can be served and you may want to do as we did; order something first to fill your tummy. 

To put it simply, it's like eating a piece of normal cake (no exceptional flavours) topped with sour strawberries and sweetened with condensed milk, whipped cream and a scoop of Japanese uniquely flavoured ichigo ice cream. For me, i would still prefer the crunchier waffles.


3 Temasek Boulevard,
#01-651, Suntec City Mall.

Ordering Menu 
As above

Hot Japanese Macha Latte - S$9.00
French Toast (Sugar & Cream) - S$9.80
Spring Pancake Souffle - S$14.50
[Subject to GST and Service Charge]

Additional Information
Just a shot of the menu page with the recommended Hoshino Pancake Souffles for your reference.

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