Friday, August 22, 2014

Drivers Who Don't Know How to PARK their Vehicles!

Drivers cutting into my lane without signalling; no problem. Drivers who didn't check their blind spots; no complaint so long they don't hit my car. Drivers who park their vehicles badly; now, this pisses me off especially when i am parking right next to theirs! 

I am no perfectionist myself but if you don't know how to park head in; don't embarrass yourself and create additional inconvenience to others! 

You don't even have the decency to right yourself! Besides me, there are numerous other passersby who also took out their phones and likely post a similar picture on social media laughing at your stupidity. I believe they were laughing at me as well; for being so unfortunate to have parked next to you. 

Guess i have to thank my lucky stars that no one was parking parallel to the divider and i could manoeuvre out after a few turns. You have to thank yours too because if i could not get out, i am calling TransCab. 

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