Wednesday, January 15, 2014

San Low Fried Bee Hoon from San Low Seafood Restaurant (三楼海鲜园) @ Johor Bahru [Near Plaza Pelangi]

From the moment i got to know the great Kon and his deep, insatiable affection for anything that is edible, there was one dish he frequently mentioned with passion; San Low Bee Hoon! 

It took a while (our friendship is coming to almost ten years) but i am pleased to announce that we finally managed to pay the original restaurant that invented this special bee hoon a visit recently.

The place was non-air-conditioned, which wasn't a big problem given the nice cooling weather in January and the existence of so many fans (wall and ceiling)!  

Deep Fried Baby Squids
Not on the menu, these weren't the typical black coloured baby squids that often tasted too sweet, too hard. This rendition was WYSIWYG which was similar in taste to the deep fried sotong heads / wings found in Old Chang Kee, albeit with a crunchier texture. 

Fu-Yong Egg
As an omelette, i thought this was better than average. However, for an authentic furong egg, this didn't feature the wok-hei flavour that set it apart from the rest! A major disappointment as i was so looking forward to having it. 

Wild Boar Meat
New to wild boar meat? I would strongly recommend that you give the boar meat in San Low a try. Thanks to the great marination and thick, flavourful sauce, there was none of that muddy, gamey taste and the meat was so soft, so tender and so so juicy! Eat it while it is hot!!!

San Low Fried Bee Hoon
Dried looking with a slightly charred surface that didn't appear at all appetising, i could not quite understand why Kon was making such a great deal about it! 

Boy was i caught by surprise when i put a scoopful into my mouth! The delicious aroma of hearty wok hei totally overwhelmed my taste buds; i have never had bee hoon that was so distinctive and yummy!

Kon commented that the taste was a bit lacking (even though it has exceeded the expectations of first timers like us) and could not resist asking the guy who drove us to the checkpoint why it was so; the guy was not surprised by what we said and his wise advice was to order the XL serving as this would require the main chef to do the cooking! So do take note! 


Jalan Biru off Jalan Merah, 
Taman Pelangi 80400,
Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Opening Hours
4.30pm to 1.00am

07-3323869 / 07-3343623

As above

Deep Fried Baby Squids (S) - RM 12
Fu-Yong Egg (S) - RM 6
Wild Boar Meat (M) - RM 16
San Low Fried Bee Hoon (L) - RM 12
[Subject to Government Tax]

Additional Information
For non drivers, going to the restaurant via a cab from the checkpoint of major shopping centres is easy. It's the going back part that often makes one extremely frustrated! Fret not, just ask the cashier and he / she would easily get you a private transport that cost only RM 10 one way! 


  1. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Visited San Lou beehoon on 10 August 2014. The service is really very rude and indifferent. They simply not entertain you when you enquire about your dishes. I told myself and of course all my friends not to patronize them anymore. Very Very poor service attitude and pround.

    1. oh dear, that must have been terrible!! actually, it also depends on which lady you spoke to. I have been there twice and would look for this lady (can only recognise the appearance) who seems friendlier.

  2. I stopped there on my way back to SG to order some take aways. None of the many staff entertained me while I stood there trying to get their attention. I finally went to a table where they were sitting and asked someone to take my orders.
    Orders taken and I sat down to wait. I then noticed that the kitchen was empty of any activities. I asked the cashier and she told me they were all taking their dinner. I felt incredulous that everyone stopped their cooking to finish their dinner leaving the diners to wait.
    Even after they went back to their cooking, it was still a wait for the cooks to resume clearing the orders. The cooks and staff were simply unconcerned of customers waiting.
    When I finally got my food, I told the cashier of the poor standards and she replied that if I am not happy, then don't come back!
    I will take her advice and pass them to potential customers too.

    1. i agree with you that they can be rude!

  3. i think you all went to the wrong 三楼.........

    1. Really??? My friend had patronised the same place for the past few decades.. maybe u can share the address of the correct 三楼 so that we can check it out. Many thanks! :)


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