Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Satay by the Bay - Traces of the Old Satay Club Spirit @ Gardens by the Bay [Singapore]

Happy New Year, peeps!

I am going to take a breather from the overwhelming blog postings on my recent trip to Malaysia and focus on a place that many readers of a generation ahead of me would remember fondly; Satay Club! 

Satay Club was actually a namesake for food centres that has a high congregation of satay stalls; the last was at Clarke Quay although the most famous has to be the one located at the old Esplanade. 

In my opinion, this was an appropriate remake of the old Satay Club as it was just next to the Marina Reservoir where diners can enjoy the sea breeze as they did in the past at the Esplanade. Difference is that there is now also sheltered seating! No more scrambling to find shelter whenever it rains! 

Having just satay and nothing else was hardly fitting for dinner and i could not resist ordering a plate of sambal sotong and oyster omelette from Marina BBQ Seafood! Average tasting and not worth my time dedicating an entire post to it. 

There were quite a number of Satay stalls to choose from and i took my pick from the one that appeared to be more popular; Sri Geylang Sate (Halal). Prices throughout seemed to be standardised at 70 cents a stick (the neighbourhood average currently stood at 50 cents) and there were packages to be selected; do keep in mind that prawns would spike the overall payable amount! 

I was a bit too ambitious and bought twenty sticks; 10 mutton, 10 chicken for just the two of us! We waited for 15 minutes before the above was served.

Surprisingly, the wait didn't result in the mutton satay being served hot! Other than that, the mutton tasted tender without the toughness usually associated with this red meat. I particularly enjoyed chicken satay due to its strong tumeric marination that totally enhanced the flavour. 

Satay sauce, an important companion in this dish, was an immense failure! It was too oily, lacked the fragrance and had a lingering bitterness as you bite into the peanut bits. 


18, Marina Gardens Drive 
[It's actually nearer to Marina Barrage]

How to Get There
Can walk from Gardens by the Bay although accordingly to the website, there is a free shuttle bus from Mondays to Fridays, during lunch hours and from 6pm till 12 midnight. Problem is, the official website wasn't clear in where to take the bus! 

Drivers would be pleased to note that there is a car park right next to "Satay by the Bay".

Sambal Sotong - S$10
Oyster Omelette - S$10
Mutton Satay - S$0.70 a stick
Chicken Satay - S$0.70 a stick

Additional Information
Enjoy the view after taking a pee!
*p.s. applicable to gentlemen only*

I realised pork belly satay was for sale only at the end of the meal! Those who remember my blog post on Kwong Satay should know i would insist on having this just to compare the differences!!! Guess i have to leave it for another visit!


  1. Satay sauce looks horrible with so much oil on top.

    Only occasions where i get to eat satay locally is during bbq sessions. I won't bother buying to eat when it is the same price but in Ringgit after clearing immigration.

    1. No doubt satay (and many other food) would be much cheaper across the causeway / 2nd link but it's still a torture to go through the immigration clearance!