Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chung Cheng Chilli Mee (崇正辣椒面) @ Golden Mile Food Centre aka Army Market [Beach Road]

I was supposed to blog about this yesterday but unfortunately, i literally lost all my pictures when the SD card refused to be read and kept insisting i must format it! Anyway, shall share more tomorrow. 

We shall now talk about this stall in Golden Mile hawker centre that managed to get into the good culinary books of the Great Kon with its offering of Chilli Mee (mee as in noodles)! 

Now, it may not sound much as i believe many of us are accustomed to ordering fish ball noodles, wanton mee, bak chor mee etc with chilli sauce, tomato sauce or a mixture of both. However, this is the first time i hear chilli mee being labelled simply as "chilli mee".

At one glance, i could not quite help thinking this was a dry version of prawns and pork ribs noodles sold in many other places with the exception of generous splashes of chilli across the surface and slices of hard boiled egg. 

p.s. i am not exactly a fan of yellow noodles; thanks to mom who has impressed upon me that yellow noodles are the most fattening carbohydrates. :(

Nonetheless, a foodie has to try what a foodie has been given (save for internal organs). 

First thought - this tasted suspiciously like mee rebus; albeit one with lesser gravy?! Blame it on insensitive taste buds but i didn't really quite get the uniqueness of this dish except for its naming. Furthermore, i like my mee rebus to be extremely lavish with thick, yellowish gravy. 


505 Beach Rd, #01-59, 
Golden Mile Food Centre

As above


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