Monday, September 16, 2013

Smelly Tofu (臭豆腐) @ Malacca [Jonker Street]

The appearance of this banner stopped me in my tracks; i hesitated for a moment, knowing such acquired taste is not generally well regarded by fellow friends who would have to endure the repulsive smell.

Thankfully, the friends whom i went with were fully aware of my peculiar affection for this smelly snack and did not prevent me for purchasing a set. What they did was to keep a safe distance of at least 3.5154 meters away from me for close to an hour! 

Ultimate question - were they good?

Frankly, i was kidding about my friends keeping a distance from me; the supposedly obnoxious smell was barely the standard of those sold in Singapore's night market. Taste was similar though, but i would still prefer to throw my money at the smellier, crispier ones in Geylang


I didn't note the address but you can never miss the facade. If you are walking from the main entrance of Jonker Street where San Shu Gong is, the shop is to further down, to your right. 

Smelly Tofu - RM 5.00

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