Friday, September 20, 2013

Block 3D [1973-1983] @ Choa Chu Kang Chinese Cemetery

Many friends have commented right across my face that i am morbid; all because i like to check out the land of the dead in my free time. Till now, i could not fathom what's wrong with THEM!? =P

I agree it is an unusual "hobby", maybe even weird but the serenity and quietness of cemeteries can be so... therapeutic. Gosh, i think i have inadvertently made matters worse! 

Whatever the case, i am dead set on exploring the different blocks of Choa Chu Kang Chinese cemetery in my free time and the first one was Block 3D where the tombs of the four tragic Geylang Bahru children stood. 

Housing the remains of those buried between 1973 and 1983, the challenges to navigating this small block were the uneven terrain, potholes, unclear pathways and cluttered display of tombstones. 

The good thing about it was that the tombstones came in numerous shape and design; lacking the tidy uniformity we commonly see in the newer blocks. 

One was simply a slab of stone with barely readable Chinese characters. 

Another had basically a washed out look with zero information of the deceased. I am not sure if it was an act of vandalism or that the descendants had relocated the remains to a crematorium.

Relocation sounded like a more probable reason as the official ruling for land burial in Singapore stated a limitation of at most fifteen years for those with religion that permits cremation. It was not strictly enforced although some of the surrounding burial plots have already been cleared of graves. 

There were a few unique features to this block; one of which was the high concentration of children tombs! 

Unlike the crypt-like tombs popularly used nowadays, it's easy to spot a child tomb in this 30-year old block. The mound behind the headstone would be much smaller as compared to an adult tomb. 

Okay, i admit i felt a bit uneasy when i chanced upon this picture of the baby girl on the headstone. Don't think there's anything paranormal as the tomb was openly exposed to the harsh elements of nature.

This taller-than-usual headstone was the first tomb that caught my attention; belonging to a clan association (三合会馆 which is now known as 广西暨高州会馆 Guangxi and Gaozhou Association), i initially thought the name sounded more like a secret society in Singapore's colonial days! 

Similar to Ying Fui Fo Kun, this was a collective tomb housing likely the exhumed remains of members of the association. Once again, i could hardly make out the Chinese characters!!!

Lastly, the simple yet delicate rose tomb of an eighteen year-old lady by the name of Yeo Siew Choo who passed away on 19 June 1973. 


Location Map
As above [Block 3D had a blue border]

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