Friday, September 13, 2013

Poh Piah Lwee - Not Your Typical Popiah that Comes with Crispy Pork Lard @ Malacca

Kon and Van might have remembered the quaint lil shop in the above photograph; it was supposed to be our last makan stop at Malacca back in May 2013 but was unfortunately closed on a Monday. 

Its main offering was popiah even though i recollected reading somewhere (likely on someone's blog) that it served a pretty mean cendol as well. Strangely, the guy manning the shop told me otherwise; i am not sure if he meant that day or not at all!

Anyway, here's the RM 2.50 popiah. For those who are unsure what this weird looking thing is, please refer to the Wikipedia page here

Taste wise, it is very different from the local version in Singapore; there were a lot more bean sprouts that contributed to the raw yet fresh crunchiness that some of you might dislike. The strips of turnip were also more robustly flavoured and i distinctly knew when i chewed onto one! 

I like my popiah with a sweet layer but it was very subtle in this case. However, the lack of sweetness was replaced by a personal favourite item; crispy pork lard! Unusual indeed as i don't think i have ever had pork lards in popiah!

p.s. i could definitely do with more pork lards in the popiah. 


14 Jalan Kubu [from the main entrance of Jonker Street, walk all the way to the end until you reach a T-Junction, turn left and the shop is just a few shops down]

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