Sunday, September 22, 2013

WaffleTown - Clucky Lucky Fried Chicken & Plain Waffle @ Balmoral Plaza [near Newton MRT station]

A harmless comment from a colleague sparked an unstoppable craving to visit the Waffletown, the old school cafe that used to be located in Bukit Timah Plaza near Ngee Ann Polytechnic, yesterday. 

This wasn't my virgin patronage although i agreed the standard had deteriorated the last time i was there (which was at least quite a few years ago). 

So what exactly was my colleague's comment? We were having Texas Chicken for lunch when Ms Kelly Lau recalled the fried chicken from Waffletown! On second thoughts, my failing memory recollected that the chicken was better than the waffles. 

Clucky Lucky Fried Chicken 
So, i ordered the three-piece meal and was ecstatic to find that my carbohydrates intake would be minimal since i don't take mashed potatoes (Alex gobbled it up by the way)! p.s. trying to lose weight! 

They screamed of plain old fashioned perfectness. Served piping hot, it didn't leave that disgusting greasiness in your mouth and the chicken meat was so tender and juicy; it could have just been slaughtered that very morning! Flavour wise, it lacked the herbs and spices signature of KFC and would not be well taken by those who dislike Arnolds Chicken.

I like Arnold Chicken. One of the key highlights in Arnolds was its crispy yet oily chicken skin. It wasn't the same crispiness in Waffletown but i would go for this flakier, lighter version simply because it appeared less oily! 

Plain Belgian Waffle
Unlike two decades ago, waffles are now commonly found in many places, especially with the recent explosion of ice cream parlours. Back then, Waffletown was obviously famous for its waffles. 

With the change in times, there are many who argued that the waffles didn't appear to be as good as before. In order not to be judgmental when it comes to toppings like creamy ice-cream, i purposely chose a plain waffle for this review.

This was way better than the soggy one i had a few years ago! It came thankfully hot with crusty sides and contained that natural buttery fluffiness well-liked by many in the past. To me, it was a nostalgic trip of travelling back in time; having waffle with good old SCS butter and Heinz breakfast maple syrup. 


271 Bukit Timah Road,
#01-08, Balmoral Plaza
[near Newton MRT station]

Opening Hours 
11am to 10pm daily.


3-Piece Fried Chicken Meal - S$9.90 nett
Plain Waffle - S$2.90 nett

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  1. Anonymous1:58 AM

    I think it taste way better than those waffle in those hippie cafés. Best substitution since A & W left SG.

    1. wahahaha, u are like me; suckers for the traditional waffle taste!