Sunday, September 08, 2013

Li Xin Teochew Fish Ball Noodles [立兴潮州鱼圆面] @ Food Opera [ION Orchard]

While i was checking out potential stalls to replace the used-to-be-my-family's-favourite fish ball noodles at Chong Pang Xiang Xiang, my younger sister was ferociously seeking other venues on her own!

According to her, the one stall that satisfies her craving at the moment belongs to this Li Xin Teochew Fish Ball Noodles located in Singapore's famous shopping belt; Orchard Road.

At S$5 a serving, the pricing was actually considered quite alright given the stall's prestigious location. In addition, i have never had so many fish balls (six big ones in total) in a bowl of soup! 

Surprisingly, i am not really a fish ball person; i place much higher emphasis on noodles rather than the fish balls. That aside, the fish balls in Li Xin were made freshly handmade twice a day (hence the uneven shape and texture) and they are made from yellowtail (not that it matters since i don't even know what fish were commonly used in the making of fish balls)! 

What i do know is that these yellowtail fish balls had an incredibly soft interior with a pleasantly rich fish flavouring that greatly differed from the disgusting fishiness radiated by some. Mom preferred a more solid bite though. 

Now coming to the noodles!!

Texture was a bit on the hard side but this shortcoming was covered up by the special chilli-tomato sauce mix; resulting in a combi that was simply delicious! Not to mention that there were also little bites of pork lard hidden within! 



2 Orchard Turn 
#B2-62 ION Orchard 
[Food Opera]

S$5 a bowl

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