Sunday, May 13, 2012

Red and White Parking Lots in Singapore

Every motorist is aware that a red parking lot requires a season parking ticket and you would incur a fine from the "auntie with the hat" even if you have the funds to display a hundred dollars worth of parking coupons on your dashboard.

A few years, the government decided to introduce these bi-coloured lots.

Like many others, i know this is a hybrid lot reserved for season ticket holders from 7pm-7am with the target on estates surrounding suburban town centres (for example the areas surrounding Nex Mall).

However, not many are mindful that the red-white lots are reserved solely for season ticket holders the whole day on Sundays and public holidays!

The reality struck me when I found this notice of parking offence on my windscreen this very afternoon at a car park opposite the always-crowded Nex shopping centre! Blooooody..... It never fails to amaze me how just one strip of paper can turn a supposedly good day into a bad one.

Violation of Rule 18 (1) - Parking in season parking place without possession of a valid season parking ticket. And it incurs a heart breaking composition fine of S$50!

I am appealing for a waiver!!! Via the convenient e-service located HERE.

Problem is; i have to settle the fine within 7 days yet the acknowledgement receipt for my appeal indicates a response timeline of 14 days! 

Should i pay or should i not?
*decision, decision, decision*

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