Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Best Traditional KL Hokkien Mee in Singapore? @ Kong Kee (港记) Seafood Restaurant, Geylang

Mention Hokkien Mee to any true blue Singaporean and no one would likely give you a description that touches on the word "black" except when the noodles are burnt.

Hence, you can imagine my shock when i ordered Hokkien Mee in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur [Chinatown] five years ago; what appeared right in front of me was entirely different from expectation!

Times have changed since then and there are now quite a few restaurants (Kong Kee etc) in Singapore selling popular Malaysian fare; for example KL-style Hokkien Mee.

Due to Kong Kee's location at Singapore's red-light district, i was totally prepared for a non-air-conditioned setting and was therefore pleasantly surprised to find a full-fledged Chinese restaurant decked with one of mankind's greatest inventions (quoted from Mr Lee Kwan Yew).

Oops, i forgot to explain why i was at Kong Kee! Well, it is the result of an impulsive craving for black Hokkien Mee and subsequently a simple Google search on the same subject that revealed a lot of recommendations for this restaurant, that brought me to the center of Singapore's sex industry.

Now we can finally start on food! :)

Mixed Fruit Ice
The bloody hot weather on that day required an order of this. The fruits were freshly sweet and the blended ice was submerged in sweet syrup that was so comforting for the heart and soul!

Tofu with Prawns
Bland was my review although it was satisfying enough to go with rice as a simple dish without much fanfare.

Original KL Hokkien Mee
"Original" is a strong word that tends to give people hope but there must be some truth when bloggers were raving on the authenticity of this Malaysian Hokkien Mee from Gang Ji (Hanyu Pinying for Kong Kee). For one, the thick, gooey black sauce did bring back some memories from five years ago.

Secondly, the udon-like noodles (known as fat noodles to me) were specially imported from a factory located in Kuala Lumpur and were supposedly free of preservatives and colourings.

Now, we are coming to "taste".

The noodles were slurpily deliciously good! It was as if they were soaked in the sinfully black sauce for a long period of time in order to have that kind of flavourful immersion.

Of course, the many big pieces of crispy pork lard helped in enhancing the flavour and i guess most loyal readers would have already known by now that i am a weakling when anyone feeds me with crunchy pork lard.


611, 613, Lorong 31 Geylang
[near Aljunied MRT Station)

Call 6443-8221

Mixed Fruit Ice - S$4.50
Tofu with Prawns - S$18.00
Original KL Hokkien Mee (M) - S$10.00
[No GST. No Service Charge]

Additional Information
If you are walking along the main Geylang road, this aquarium with two deep sea groupers would likely catch your attention!

Dishes featuring deep sea groupers are apparently Kong Kee's specialties and should you need to read more on the groupers, please click the above picture.

Kong Kee also served quite a number of cooking styles for crabs and i am actually looking forward to order them in my next visit, which would likely be soon.

Make it very soon!


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