Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Beyond Doubt the BEST Pork Satay [Premium Pork Belly] in Singapore @ Kwong Satay (光沙爹) - Geylang Lorong 29 [Sing Lian Eating House]

Just when i thought pork satay in Singapore has reached its zenith, i am glad to have finally found the exact location of this satay stall i have heard so much about in newspapers, blogs and food forums.

Kwong Satay supposedly served the best satay in this small yet crowded island. And its venue is precisely at the same coffee shop that i had the not-worth-the-queue hokkien mee; Sing Lian Eating House.

The typical pork satay would have been the only order if not for the catchy declaration of irresistible premium pork belly satay at the counter. Given our love for fatty products, we decided on ten sticks of typical pork satay and the minimal five sticks of pork belly premium satay.

Let's began with the "premium" satay.

As i slowly chewed through the stick, the flow of delectable meat juice overwhelmed my taste buds and i was momentarily stunned! That was one of the rare moments when mere words, no matter how bombastic, just could not fully describe the meat's softness, tenderness and convey the exciting joy i felt.

Without a single doubt; that is definitely the best stick of satay i ever have in my whole life even though there is a much higher risk of clogging up my arteries!

Coming to the "normal" pork satay - it was more lean, definitely less flavourful and the taste was more similar to most of the pork satays i had elsewhere. Good yet not entirely different from other stalls.

Even though the normal pork satay cost more than fifty percent lesser (at S$0.40 a stick - left), the premium pork belly satay (at S$1.00 a stick - right) was totally worth the price!


549 Geylang Road (Lorong 29),
Sing Lian Eating House.

Additional Information
Forget about the satay sauce; it was pathetically tasteless!

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