Saturday, April 07, 2012

Yangpunibibipbap (Big Bowl Bibipbap) @ 2D1N Soju Bang [Tanjong Pagar]

I cannot remember what was the very first Korean dish i had but it was likely to be either the bulgogi or bibimbap. Anyway, for a period of time, i was checking out all the bibimbap in Singapore; be it authentic (supposedly) Korean restaurants or hawker stalls.

So what's the difference between bibimbap and bibipbap? From my google search, it seems to mean the same thing; vegetables nicely displayed on rice with a fried egg in the centre.

Today, we are going to partake on this huge bibipbap from 2D1N Soju Bang (ala carte section). I am not exaggerating on the size; the bowl holding the ingredients is the same metallic one used to wash faces in typical Korean dramas! 

Mixing is a necessary final step with the pouring of the chilli-red paste. And given its larger than usual diameter, a more vigorous mix undertaken by the younger sister was required.

Jovyn must be in awe of my sister's skill although i believe she was waiting (impatiently) for the end of the mix when she could hopefully have a few bites!

Despite the lack of meat, this bibimbap was easily one of the better ones i have in my whole life. *note, this is coming from a person who has never been to Korea and hence, could not attest to its authenticity*

However, even my younger sister (who HAS BEEN to Korea) was impressed with it; the vegetables were cold yet fresh, the rice was pearly yet soft and the sauce was savoury without being overly spicy.

"I would be back" was her final statement.


S$20 for the yangpunibibipbap
[subject to GST and Service Charge]

For the location, contact details and my first blog post on 2D1N Soju Bang, please click the following:

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